Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Doll Cake

Hi everybody.. view some photos of my doll cake.  It was a 1 and half kg of yam sponge cake which was baked in skirt- like mould that I bought in Yummy Bakery in Bangi.  Cooled it for a day in the fridge.  The reason was to make the cake more moist. Then I used the doll figurine, wrapped in the plastic foil and inserted it in the middle of the cake.

For the decoration, I used fresh cream icing with yam flavour and some buttercream icing to beautified it.  The deco is up to your creativity.

This doll cake needed to be put in a tall box.  Cut at the both sides of the box so it is easier to put the cake inside.  Don't forget to tape the sides again.

This cake was ordered by Rosmawati for her 11th years old daughter, Amira.  Thanks Ros.. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cheese Cake for Birthday

 Wow, these few weeks were really  tiresome with school loads so I have no time to update my blog.  Thanks to Faezah(Teruterubuzo) and Hafidah for being my best buddies to train the choral speakers team.

Luckily I still have time for my hobby.  This is a pure baked cheese cake which I made for my friend Siti Kadijah in Bangi.  Please refer this link for the simple cheese cake recipe.  The tastes is as the one you bought in Secret Recipe(Marble Cheese Cake).   Believe it, its true..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Resepi Puding Kek@Roti Yang Sangat Mudah

Pada hari ini saya ingin berkongsi resepi yang sangat mudah dan  digemari seisi keluarga kami terutama buat bonda tercinta, Pn Fatimah bt Hj Mohd Noor.  Ia sebenarnya adalah dari resepi Puding Roti tapi telah diadaptasikan oleh saya atas permintaan cik abang yang mahukan kelainan (kadang-kadang).

 Apa yang diperlukan ialah sebuku kek (Butter atau sponge)lebih kurang 500gm (atau 8 keping roti Gardenia) yang disusun didalam loyang atau mangkuk yang tahan oven.

Kemudian saya taburkan lebihan buah ceri supaya ia kelihatan menarik.  Terpulang kepada anda samada mahu menaburkan sebarang jenis buah-buahan kesukaan anda.  
Setelah itu anda perlukan 50ml susu cair(atau susu segar) untuk merendam kek tersebut lebih kurang 10 minit.
 Kemudian, ambil 2 biji telur dipukul bersama 4 sudu besar gula dan 4 sudu besar tepung kastard. Tambahkan lebih kurang 200ml susu cair(atau 500ml lagi sekiranya anda suka ia berkuah.) ke dalam bancuhan telur tadi.

 Tuangkan ke atas kek yang terendam tersebut.
 Saya juga menaburkan kismis minda di atas puding ini agar lebih enak dan berkhasiat.
 Bolehlah dibakar dalam oven dengan suhu 180 C selama 15 minit.
 Inilah rupa Puding Kek yang kelihatan berkilat setelah dibakar.

 Lebih enak bila ditambahkan ais krim Neapolitan di atasnya.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oreo cupcakes

I made these oreo cupcakes for my sis Intan since she loves them likes crazy..hehe..

 This is a simple recipe where you need a chocolate cupcake@ muffin.  Then some fresh cream @ buttercream icing.  Pipe it on the chocolate cake and then put the oreo biscuit on top of it.
Taada.... it is done.

It is simple but nice.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Lion King Cake

This was another creative cake that I made especially for my colleague's son, Juhara.  It was a kg of American Chocolate cake heavenly coated with chocolate ganache.  The lion was made of sugar paste, piping jelly for the pond  and I nozzled around the grass using buttercream icing.  I also spread some crunch almond to make the stone's effect.  Thanks Juhara for ordering this cake and enjoy teaching in your new school in Kedah.

Black Forest Cake Recipe

My old colleague, Khairul Azlina from Kedah requested this recipe.  Enjoy baking Ina.  You can also view some of my pictures of Black Forest Cake which can be adapt and adopt according to the customer's pleasure.
Black Forest Cake Recipe

Basic  Sponge Cake
   A)       4  egg whites
                      6 egg yolks
                      200gm castor sugar
                      A pinch of salt
                     10gm ovallette
                B)  130gm superfine flour
                C)  30ml UHT milk
          1tsp vanilla essence

     D)  30ml melted butter/cooking oil
1.        Pour ingredients (A) into mixing bowl.  Place the mixing bowl in a pot of water heated to 40-42C.  Mix well.
2.       Whip ingredients (A) till light and fluffy.
3.       Fold in ingredients (C) slowly and mix well.
4.       Mix ingredients (D) till well blended.  Coat the cake mould with butter.  Pour the mixture into the mould.  Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 30-35 minutes.
5.       Once baked, invert the cake onto wire rack for 5 minutes and turn over again.  This is to prevent the surface of the cake from sinking.

Black Forest Cake Recipe
Chocolate sponge cake
300 gm dark pitted cherries
400gm non-dairy fresh cream
300 gm blueberry pie filling
100 gm choc block

1.        Slice the sponge cake into 3 layers.
2.       Whisk fresh cream until light and fluffy to make icing.  Place one layer cake on cake board and coat with a layer of icing.  Place on top the drained dark pitted cherries.  Coat again with a thin layer of icing.
3.       Sandwich with another layer and repeat the above step with blueberry pie filling.
4.       After sandwiching the 3rd layer, cover the whole cake with a layer of icing.
5.       Scrape chocolate onto the centre of the cake.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chocolate Cupcakes

These cute chocolate cuppies were requested by Faezah, my neighbour for her eldest daughter Humairah.

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