Friday, May 9, 2008


Good morning 4 Carica.

Today, I want to talk to you about healthy eating habits. It is important to eat nutritious food. People who do not eat healthy food can become very ill. A healthy diet should include grain, fruits, vegetables, meat, milk and fats. The food pyramid shows a balanced diet. It also shows how much of each food we should take daily. So children, remember that you will be strong and healthy if you have a balanced diet.

1. Another word for nutritious is....

(A) important (B) healthy (C) delicious

2. Why is it important to eat nutritious food?

3. What should a healthy diet include?

4. Which class of food should you take the least daily?

5. which class of food do you need the most daily?
Exam is around the corner!

Dear my 4 Carica and 4 Averrhoa.. please do revision as our First Semesta exam is just around the corner. Don't forget to read and practice the exercises that I had given you before. Have a nice weekend.

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