Saturday, February 26, 2011

Upin N Ipin Blackforest Cake

Dear viewers, today let us view the blackforest cake which has Upin and Ipin design on it.  It was ordered by my neighbour, Faizah Ariff  for her nephews.  Blackforest cake is a combination of Chocolate sponge cake, filled with blueberry jam and coated with vanilla fresh cream.  Then it was heavenly garnished with grated chocolate and piping jelly for the art.  Thanks sis for ordering this cake..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Carrot Cheese Cake

This is a 2 kg of carrot with almond cheese cake.  It was ordered by Roshita my colleague, for her 3rd birthday daughter.  This is just a simple design of sunflowers and a butterfly as she loves the flower very much.
You can link here for my recipe in my older post.

Naruto Cake

Dear viewers, my love to art has bring me to express it on my cake by using piping bag and butter cream icing..Hehehe..

My new design of Yam sponge cake flavoured with yam fresh cream..Naruto, every boy's favourite hero.

This cake was ordered again by Morietta for tea today.  Thanks kak Ita. I love doing it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Naruto's Theme Cupcakes

Salam viewers, here is my latest satisfaction of baking when I finally could decorate the cuppies with anime's characters. They were decorated with delicious buttercream icing and piping jelly.
Thanks to my friend Morietta who ordered 170 cuppies for his birthday boy, Iskandar in Alam Shah School, Putrajaya.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simple Cheese Cake Recipe

This is the easiest way of making cheese cake which I got from Astro Food Channel .  For the base, you need a packet of Digestive biscuit(which I used Marry Biscuits) and 75 gm butter.  Blend together and lay out on the mould.  Chilled it in the fridge for about 20 minutes.

For the cream, you need 750gm of cream cheese, 200gm castor sugar, 4 eggs , 2 egg yolks and 4tbsp of lemon juice.  Blend them together.

Pour the mixture on the base and baked in oven for about 50 minutes with 180 C. (I used steam bath technique).  

So friends, enjoy baking.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Resepi Trifle yang sangat mudah dan sedap

Bahan-bahan ( 5-7 )
·         1 tin susu cair
·         1 sd besar gula
·         4 sd besar tepung kastard
·         1 mangkuk air- utk dicampurkan dengan kastard
·         ½ biji kek gulung sederhana saiznya
·         1 tin buah-buahan campur- asingkan air dan buahnya
·         1 peket agar-agar jeli kristal Nona
·         1 mangkuk air panas
1.    Panaskan susu cair dengan gula. Kecilkan api.
2.    Bancuh tepung kastard dengan semangkuk air sejuk. Masukkan bancuhan tadi ke dalam susu cair yang sedang mendidih, Masak hingga betul-betul pekat dan kastard pekat. Tutup api.
3.    Di dalam bekas berasingan, susunkan kek gulung atau kek span sehingga habis. Kemudian, basahkan dengan air buah-buahan tin.
4.    Masukkan buah-buahan tin hingga habis.
5.    Tuangkan bancuhan kastard ke atas susunan buah-buahan tadi.
6.    Untuk jeli, larutkan jeli bersama semangkuk air panas. Kacau hingga sebati.
7.    Akhir sekali, tuangkan jeli tersebut di atas kastard dan sejukkan. Bila betul-betul keras, bolehlah dihidangkan.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Basic Butter Cake Recipe

Hi viewers.  Today I would like to share my very first basic butter cake recipe that I'd been used for all these years.  You can varied the flavours by adding some essence and colours according to your desire.  This cake is suitable to be made as a gift.

A)      250gm butter
1tbsp ovellette
220gm castor sugar
1/2tsp salt
B)      4 eggs
C)      280gm superfine flour
1tsp baking powder
D)     1tbsp milk powder
50ml warm water

1.        Cream ingredients A until light and fluffy.
2.       Add ingredients B gradually and blend well.
3.       Sift ingredients C then add into above.  Mix till well combined.
4.       Finally add ingredients D and mix well.
5.       Pour batter into a greased mould.  Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 40-50 minutes until done.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Steamed Fruit Cake

Salam Viewers.  Its been a quite long time I did not update my blog as there were lots of my school work that I have to complete within this month.  Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends and happy holidays to the others.  Today I have my favourite fruit cake recipe which I would love to share with you.  This recipe was taken from Cake Talk by Wendy Kor. This cake is suitable for the fondant cake as it last long andtastes better. 
A)           150gm butter
                150gm margarine
                10gm ovelette
                220gm castor sugar
                A pinch of salt
B)            4 grade A eggs
C)            300gm high protein flour
                1gm baking powder
D)           1/2tsp mixed spice
                ½ vanilla essence
                180gm caramel
                1tsp fruit cake paste
                500gm mixed fruits
                50gm red cherries
                50gm green cherries

1.        Beat ingredients (A) on low speed for 1 minute.  Scrape the bottom and sides before beating on high speed for 3 minutes.
2.       Add in eggs gradually.  Scrape and mix for 3 minute on high speed.
3.       Then blend in ingredients (C) on low speed for ½ minute.
4.       Add in ingredients (D) and mix well.  Pour the batter into a greased mould and cover with aluminium foil.  Use the medium heat to steam bake for 3 hours.

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